CHN 508 - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Laboratory II

CHN 518 - Nanoelectronic Devices

CHN 519 - Nanobiotechnology and Nanotechnology in Healthcare

CHN 520 - Business Enterprise, Economics and Research Policy in Nanotechnology

CHN 520:  Economics and Research Policy, and Business Enterprise in Nanotechnology

(2 Credits)

Dr. Anuruddha Kankanamge

 Course Objective:  This course focuses on the economics of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  The course begins with microeconomics concepts i.e. analyzing the behavior of consumers, firms and government intervention in markets, strategic behavior of firms and welfare issues.  Then it introduces economic theories on government regulatory policies in markets.  ILOs:  Students are expected examine the economic perspective of nanoscience and technology i.e. critically analyze production, marketing and investment decisions, analyze strategic behavior of firms, analyze economic regulation and welfare consequences of nanotechnology related industries.


Course Outline

 Introduction to Economics

 1. Economics and Economic Reasoning, Trade, Trade offs, Production Possibility Curve Analysis, and Government 


2  Introduction to Demand, Supply and markets.  Describing Supply and Demand Elasticities,


Firms, Households and Government

 3.  Taxation and Government Intervention

 Firms and Markets

 4:  Production and Cost Analysis

 5:  Perfect Competition, Monopoly

 6:  Oligopoly and Strategic behavior between firms, Real World Competition and Technology, Antitrust Policy and Regulation

 8:  Introduction to benefit and cost analysis

 9:  Benefit and cost analysis

 Nanotechnology and Regulation


10:  Introduction to economic regulation of markets

 11: Nanotechnology and Regulatory Policies:  Critical analysis of the nanotechnology policies in the United States and other countries.

12:  Science and technology regulatory policies in Sri Lanka, Patents, property rights

13: Economics of nanotechnology in local industries

15 Review


Assignments         20%

Term Paper           20%

Final Exam           60%




 Microeconomics by Robert S. Pindyck and Daniel L. Rubinfeld

Microeconomics by David Colander

 Other Readings:

 Glen Harlan Reynolds (2003), Nanotechnology and Regulatory Policy, Harvard Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. (17)

 Gregory N. Mandel, Nanotechnology Governance (2008), Temple University, Beaseley School of Law) (

 Gary E. Marchant and Douglas J. Sylvester (2006), Transnational Models for Regulation of Nanotechnology, in Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics)

 George Stigler (1971), Economic Theory of Regulation

 Stephan, Paula, Grant C. Black and Tanwin Chang (2007), The Small Size of the Small Scale Market: The Early Stage Labor Market for Highly Skilled Nanotechnology Workers, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (Research Paper Series)

CHN 521 - Environmental Nanotechnology